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Audit Support

An important measure of any quality department is their ability to respond to auditor inquiries with expertise and in a timely manner. JGI can be available to offer real-time audit support. It is our goal to build strong long-term relationships with our customers by supporting their efforts to obtain high marks in performance reviews and calibration system audits. Let us know when and how we can assist you.

Internal Audits, Consultation & Training

You may want to consider using JGI to perform certain internal audits for your company. Here are some reasons why:

  • Members of our staff have received specialized training in audit practices.
  • In some cases, we are able to provide additional experience and expertise.
  • There may be advantages to bringing a third party in to audit certain areas.

An example of our consultation or training services is:

  • CMM Software, Programming and Equipment

We would be glad to discuss the development of a training program, an internal audit program, or providing specialized consultation that meets the specific needs of your company.

Please call our office at (316) 943-7532 or you can contact us by email if you are interested in setting up a program.