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CMM Certification

JGI specializes in the calibration and certification of coordinate measuring machines, as well as the performance of Coordinate Measurement Software (CMS) verification. We offer performance evaluations in accordance with ASME B89.4.1, or ASME B89.4.10360-2. See our Scope of Accreditationfor more details.

Our ISO 17025 accredited reports are clear, thorough, and informative, and all standards used are NIST traceable. These reports go beyond simply verifying conformance.  They help you identify key aspects of your machine’s performance, including measurement repeatability, bi-directional length measurement capability, length measurement error, and volumetric performance. With this information, you are able to verify that your particular quality needs are being met, and you can track the machine’s performance to assure that those needs will continue to be met.

When does your CMM need to be certified?

When it is installed in a new location.  CMMs are calibrated as a part of their initial installation and a certification is provided.  It is essential to perform a follow-up certification after any relocation to assure the unit continues to meet the accuracy requirements for its application.  Although comparisons to prior inspection results on parts or artifacts can be informative, these methods can leave some important questions unaddressed.  The best practice is to perform the procedures specified in industry standards.

When it is due for a periodic certification.  An annual recertification interval is typical for CMMs.  The test results detailed in the certification reports can be especially valuable in assessing the impact of any detected nonconformities.  Reliance on the information provided in these reports can and should form the basis in determining an effective recall interval.

After any significant event.  Things happen and some events can directly affect the accuracy of your CMM.  It is important to evaluate your unit after any such occurrence to assure that it can be confidently returned to service.

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