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CMS Verification

JGI is experienced and established as an effective resource for verification of Coordinate Measurement Software (or Product Acceptance Software). We maintain a supply of certified artifacts which have been developed for use with laser trackers and arm CMMs, as well as standard coordinate measuring machines. Our procedures are based on the guidelines set forth in SAE AS9100, Boeing D6-51991, Spirit AeroSystems MAA1-10009-1 documents and other industry standards.

When do you need to validate your CMS (PAS)?

When your software is installed. This can assure that the software is functioning as intended from the start and it is required by applicable standards.

When your software is revised. Any time the content of the software is changed, a confirming validation is required.

When the “Target Environment” changes. The purpose of a field validation of software is to assure that it is functioning as intended in its target environment, so the process involves measurement of an artifact by a specific system. That means the measuring apparatus, the specific computer and the software are verified as a complete system. And this is worth your consideration to assure that you are meeting your customer’s expectations.

We offer comprehensive program support services, which include artifact rental and analysis of the resulting measurement data. After evaluation, JGI can issue a certification for your Product Acceptance Software. We also sell certified artifacts to customers who intend to manage their programs internally. If you have an artifact that you have designed, we can provide an independent certification of your artifact with detailed results.

For more information on CMS/PAS, please contact our office at (316) 943-7532 or you can contact us via email. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with additional information regarding our services.

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