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CNC Machine Services

JGI is recognized as a leader in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine Tool inspection, calibration and certification. Utilizing a variety of data acquisition systems, we can provide a thorough assessment of the positioning accuracy of your CNC equipment, and in most cases we can adjust the compensation parameters to improve performance. Our procedures have been developed based on the methods described in ASME B5.54 and we can supply suitable documentation of the test results.

When is a good time to inspect your machine tool?

  • When it is installed. This can assure accuracy from the start, establish conformance to published performance tolerances and establish a baseline for future tracking purposes.
  • When it is moved. Although great care can be taken to restore the machine to its prior geometry, it is very difficult to move a machine without a significant impact on its positioning accuracy. A fresh inspection can get you back into production without encountering unforeseen problems.
  • While under warranty. Inspecting a machine tool near the end of its warranty period can allow you an opportunity to resolve any remaining concerns with your supplier in a timely manner.
  • When it is ready for preventive maintenance. You can rely on this type of testing to periodically monitor and track the performance of CNC equipment. This can help you detect changes in performance before they become much costlier problems.
  • When it really matters. When you have close tolerance work, this type of testing can be an integral part in delivering the highest accuracy results. No one knows your shop’s needs better than you. If you need the best performance from your equipment, consider this as a solution.

Here is a list of some of our inspection capabilities and resources:

  1. High precision laser measurement systems (<0.5PPM) to evaluate:
    1. Linear displacement accuracy
    2. Repeatability
    3. Straightness
  1. A ballbar DAS which evaluates a number of characteristics including:
    1. Periodic Errors
    2. Servo synchronicity
    3. Scale Mismatch
    4. Squareness
  1. Angular displacement data acquisition system which evaluate:
    1. Angular positioning accuracy
    2. Angular positioning repeatability

Our experienced staff is familiar with a number of control types and the applicable control settings, including compensation parameters. We often program and operate the machine tool with a minimum of assistance from your shop personnel, which means more value for you.

For more information on CNC laser inspection, please contact our office at (316) 943-7532, or you can contact us via email. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with additional information regarding CNC laser calibration. Let JGI help you maintain the accuracy of your CNC Machines.

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