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JGI maintains a state-of-the-art electrical laboratory, able to provide a broad range of services for electrical inspection, calibration, and certification. Between our primary measurement standard and a versatile electrical calibrator, we can provide a detailed report of the function of electrical equipment and, when possible, make accurate adjustments to that equipment. Our procedures were developed based on the leading industry standards and manufacturers' requirements, we provide options for reporting on certifications and can include "guard-banding" if requested.

What kind of instrument do you need calibrated? We have an expanding library of datasheets, with over 300 meters already developed, including:

  • Multimeters: From analog to digital, handheld or bench top, we can provide accurate results and low test uncertainties for almost all multimeters below 6½ digit resolution.
  • Ohmmeters: Micro-ohmmeters, milliohm meters, megohm meters, insulation testers, and wrist strap testers all fall into our capability. Using high precision decade resistors and non-inductive metal film resistors we can provide low resistances down to 100 µΩ, and high resistance up to 10 GΩ.
  • Power Supplies: We can measure the voltage and amperage output of both AC and DC regulated power supplies, up to a limit of 30 amps current.
  • Bond Resistance Testing: We can accurately measure the resistance between ground studs, nut plates, and faying surfaces on aircraft parts, down to a tolerance of 0.1 mΩ. We are able to meet the requirements spelled out in process specifications such as BAC 5117, BPS 4528, and 2ZZP00010.
  • Welding Units: We provide on-site verification on the current output of arc welders using a precision current transducer up to 200 amps AC and DC
  • Clamp Meters: Using a range of current coils, we can certify current clamp meters and current probes up to 1000 amps AC and DC.
  • Panel Meters: Internally and externally shunted meters, digital or analog, we can provide voltage up to 1000 volts and current up to 20 amps AC and DC. We also certify the current shunts in the case of shunted ammeters.

For more information on electrical calibration, or to inquire about a particular meter, please contact our office at (316) 943-7532. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with additional information regarding electrical calibration. For a complete list of the A2LA accredited services we provide, please see our A2LA scope of accreditation.