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JGI offers ISO 17025 accredited thermometer calibrations for your refrigerator or freezer used for vaccine storage that meet and exceed the CDC required accuracy of ±1°F or ±0.5°C.  Our accreditation is maintained through A2LA, which is an ILAC MRA signatory.  Thermometers can be shipped to our environmentally-controlled laboratory in Wichita, Kansas, for an accredited calibration, or on-site accredited calibrations can be scheduled as needed.  JGI provides a calibration certificate for each unit that includes, at a minimum, the information required by the Kansas Immunization Program.  Our services are not limited to Kansas.  We can comply with many states’ immunization programs.  If your facilities are located in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Colorado, or beyond, please contact our office for more details. 

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