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Pressure and Vacuum Certification

Calibration and Certification

JGI has the capability to certify multiple classes of pressure and vacuum gauges, including high precision classes, up to 10,000 psi for pressure and up to 30 in. Hg for vacuum using traceable standards in accordance with the current revision of ASME B40.100, manufacturer’s specifications, or with customers’ prescribed needs. Our inspection procedure is included in our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation. With special fluid separators and a dedicated oil free system, we can accommodate special application gauges such as those used with Skydrol® or oxygen. We certify units from class D to units as accurate as 4A.

Our inspectors have the ability to adjust many of the gauges they find out of tolerance. If a gauge cannot be brought back in to tolerance JGI can order a replacement or one with equivalent capabilities upon customer approval.

If a gauge is non-functioning, please feel free to send it in for evaluation. JGI can recommend what steps a customer should take after evaluation.


To meet our customers’ needs, we are a distributor for a wide range of pressure and vacuum gauges. A JGI representative will be able to help you find the equipment that best meets your requirements. Please contact our sales department for more information.

On-Site Services

We are able to offer selected on-site calibrations for pressure, vacuum and cold cathode gauges (extending to 10-7 mbar). A technician can be scheduled to arrive at your facility when it is convenient for you. For more details about on-site calibration please contact our office.

Calibration Frequency

To ensure accuracy, pressure and vacuum gauges should be certified at least once a year. However, you may want to consider changing the calibration interval if your gauges undergo heavy use or routinely slip out of tolerance.

For further information on pressure or vacuum certification, please contact our office at (316) 943-7532.

All pressure and vacuum gauge services are subject to our terms and conditions.