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Repair Services

Local Hand Tool Repair

JGI can handle many repairs locally, and this can be the better solution for many customers.  Instead of waiting weeks for equipment to be repaired by the manufacturer, JGI can have it finished and returned in a matter of days.  In many cases, these repairs can be performed at a lower cost.  By combining repair with certification, a savings in time and money can be realized with the added convenience of working locally.

Manufacturer Repair

There are times when repairs need to be addressed by the manufacturer or a sub-contractor.  JGI has formed good relationships with many manufacturers and sub-contractors and is able to see that repair services are done quickly and properly.  This reduces the amount of time customers have to spend finding a repair service, establishing an account, and navigating a manufacturer's or sub-contractor's phone directory to find a direct line to their repair department.

On-Site Evaluation and Troubleshooting

JGI understands that some equipment is either too big or too sensitive to be transported to our facility for evaluation.  Moreover, a manufacturer representative may not be immediately available to travel to the customer's facility to evaluate their equipment.  JGI can come to your facility in Wichita, Kansas; Oklahoma City or Tulsa, Oklahoma; Kansas City or St. Louis, Missouri; Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas; or Omaha, Nebraska. Depending upon availability, an inspector will arrive on-site in a few days, and, in emergencies, within a few hours.  Upon arrival, the inspector will fully evaluate the equipment.  Once the evaluation is complete, the inspector will either make adjustments (where necessary) or recommend what steps can be taken to bring the customer's equipment back into proper working condition.

For more information, or to schedule an inspector to arrive on-site, please contact us at 316-943-7532.  A JGI representative will be able answer any questions you may have and schedule any on-site services that you request.

All repair services are subject to our terms and conditions