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Torque Certification

Calibration and Certification

JGI performs torque certification for dial, beam, break-over, click-style, watches, and pneumatic style torque equipment using traceable standards in accordance with manufacturers' requirements, Specification GGG-W-686, and other applicable aircraft and aerospace specifications. We are able to certify torque equipment from 0.5 in ozf to 400 ft lbf.

JGI has the capability to provide on-site certification for large quantities of torque equipment, which may be a better option for a customer. This limits downtime because torque tools can be certified and returned in a matter of minutes as opposed to a few days. If you feel that this a better option for your company, please contact us and schedule an appointment.

Recommended Frequency

To assure its accuracy, a torque tool should be calibrated and certified at least once a year, after initial purchase, and/or after it has been dropped or mishandled in anyway. If your torque equipment undergoes heavy use, a more frequent calibration interval should be used. If you are unsure what calibration frequency would be best for your company, please contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with guidance.

Adjustment and Repair

JGI personnel are familiar with many types of torque equipment and, when needed, we can adjust many of these units to conform to specified tolerances and to improve their over-all performance. In addition to adjusting these tools, the inspector will perform any minor repairs. Needed major repairs can be sent to one of our repair sub-contractors or to the manufacturer upon request.


We are an authorized distributor for CDI, Snap-On, Proto, and other major torque brands. We will quote new torque products upon request.

For further information on torque certification, please contact our office at (316) 943-7532. All torque calibrations, certifications, repairs, and adjustments are subject to our terms and conditions.