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JGI Statement of Quality Policy

Johnson Gage and Inspection, Inc. is in the business of providing its customers with inspection, calibration and certification services in a precise, timely, and effective manner. Our services deal specifically with the capacity of the manufacturing community to produce materials, parts, components, assemblies and finished products that meet the highest of quality standards.


It is our policy to satisfy the specified needs of our customers by directing our efforts to the following objectives:

  1. Perform our function as an inspection, calibration and certification supplier in accordance with ISO 17025 and with all other agreed specifications while bearing in mind the importance of our individual credibility and integrity.

  2. Communicate the results of work performed to our customers in a manner that is clear, concise, useful and typically documented, while being mindful of the specific needs of the customer.

  3. Respond to the special requests and inquiries of our customers by providing an important link in the free flow of technical information.

  4. Maintain current knowledge of technology, specification requirements, ISO requirements, our own internal requirements, and the changing demands of the manufacturing community.

  5. Continually re-examine the way Johnson Gage and Inspection, Inc. functions in order to discover and implement new and better ways to provide services to our customers.

  6. Maintain a current understanding of our quality policy as it relates to each service we individually provide.

Johnson Gage and Inspection, Inc. exists because quality is important. Quality saves resources. We are committed to supplying conforming products to our customers. It is the responsibility of management to facilitate the acquisition of our objectives by advancing thoughtful and creative management strategies.  Quality is the prime directive in our organization.

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